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Shillong – Scotland of East

Shillong, also known as The Abode of Clouds is the heaven of natural beauty. If you love spending some time near to the nature so that you can see the amazing wonders of nature then there is no better place than Shillong for you.

Introduction to the Abode of Clouds

If you like to spend some holiday time in the hill station then this is a best place for you and you must see it. There is a vast treasure of natural beauty in this place and the air of this place is so relaxing that you will almost forget all your worries. The scenery of nature is so unique and calming in this place that you will never miss any adventure at all. One look at the sky will make you feel like you can sit down and spend a lot of time more just to believe that the natural beauty and calmness of the sky is factual. In fact, this place is also known as the Scotland of the East because you will find it so attractive that you will never agree to make a plan to leave this place ever again.

It is just like your dream came true. If you appreciate the natural beauty then this place is perfect for you and even if you don’t show too much attraction towards natural beauty, you should necessarily visit this place because it can be said for sure that your point of view towards the natural beauty will change when you will visit this place. Shillong has so many attractions that will actually make you like this place. No matter what you prefer but it is not possible that you will not like this place once you visit there. Even the person who does not appreciate natural beauty at all will never say no to appreciate this place.

Shillong is situated on the Shillong Plateau. It is surrounded by beauty of the hills. The weather of this place is always Pleasant. You would be able to breath in pollution-free air in this place. In the time of summer, the usual temperature of this place varies from 23 °C (73 °F) and in the season of winter, the temperature could vary from 4 °C (39 °F). This place is the heaven on earth and it is best place to visit in all weathers.

Discover More and See Places to Visit in Shillong

Although this place is highly appreciated for its natural beauty but it also has a great part in the history and that is why you will find here so many amazing natural and historical places to visit.

Elephant Falls: This is the amazing wonder of nature. Here you will see the mountain stream falling from two successive falls set! Lady Hydari Park: You should see this park for architectural and natural beauty and its main attraction is adjacent mini zoo. Wards Lake: Local people call it Nan-Polok. Although it is artificial lake but you will not find any lack of beauty here. And here you will get garden and boating facilities as well. Shillong Golf Course: All sports appreciators should necessarily visit this place. Motphran: Stone of France or Motphran is internationally famous historical place and you should not miss it. Shillong Peak: You will love this picnic spot for its amazing views. Williamson Sangma State Museum: If like to see history of this place then you should visit here. Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures: A perfect place for culture knowledge sharing purpose. Entomological Museum: A museum devoted to moths and butterflies. Chrysalis the Gallery: A beautiful art gallery. Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians: Must see place in Don Bosco Square. Bishop and Beadon Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls and Crinoline Falls: Most remarkable and astonishing falls of this place that you should never miss!

Although it might look like sports is almost relatively unknown to this place because there is no actual famous touring destination that is devoted to the sports but it is not true. The history of this place is also filled with many chapters of sports and sporting activities. Shillong Lajong FC can be the best example of presense of sports in this place. It was the internationally famous football club that was based here         and you can see it in the I-League.

How to reach

Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya which is located just 131.5 km or (81.7 mi) away from Guwahati. It can easily be accessed by the road way along NH 40, it will require a journey of about two hours and 30 minutes through beautiful lush green hills and the wonderful Umiam Lake would also be in your path. Umroi Airport is the nearest airport for your journey. There are only limited flights available for traveling purposes so it is important that travellers do the proper enquiry of the flight arrival and departure timing before making their plans. Traveling from the railway is not possible because there is no rail connection for traveling in Shillong.

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